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JP Hobby landing gears with brakes full sets list

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ACE Viper 1.3.2 2.5m (Contact us) ER-150 New
AEROJET T-33 2.0m  ER-120  
AF Model / Aerofoam L-39 (105mm & Turbine) ER-008 New
AF Model / Aerofoam MB-339 (EDF & Turbine) ER-008  
AF Model / Aerofoam T-45  1.5m (EDF & Turbine) ER-120  
ARG Dynamo 1.99m ER-120  
ARG Next-FC 2.3m ER-150  
ARG Mistral 1.8m ER-120  
Arowana Sport Jet 1.7m ER-120 New
AVIATION JET Boeing TX/T7-A 1:7 1.34m ER-150  
AVIATION JET Boeing TX/T7-A 1:5 ER-280  
AVIATION JET F4-U Corsair ER-150  
AVIATION JET Rafale ER-200  
AVIATION JET Sparrow 1.9m ER-150  
AVIATION JET T-33 2.0m ER-120  
AVONDS Rafale 1.26m ER-120 New
BAJA HOBBY L-39 Albatros 3.3m ER-200  
BLACK HORSE L-39 Albatros 1.45m ER-120  
BLACK HORSE L-39 Albatros 1.72m ER-120 New
BLACK HORSE PC-9 Pilatus 1.84m ER-120  
BLACK HORSE Viper Jet 1.4m ER-005  
BLACK HORSE Viper Jet MKII 1.88m ER-120  
BLACK HORSE Viper Jet 2.0m ER-120 New
BOOMERAN Elan V1 2.13m ER-150  
BOOMERAN Elan V2 2.13m ER-150  
BOOMERANG Nano 1.5m ER-120  
BOOMERANG Nano (old version)(contact us) ER-120 New
BOOMERANG Ranger 1.85m ER-150  
BOOMERAN Sprint V2 2.0m  ER-150  
BOOMERANG Turbinator ER-150  
BVM BobCat XL 1.22m (kit) ER-120  
BVM BobCat 1.67m (composite) ER-120  
BVM F-16 1:5 (contact us) ER-280 New
BVM F-86 63' (contact us) ER-120 New
BVM F-86 80' (contact us) ER-150 New
BVM F-86 84' (contact us) ER-150 New
BVM T-33 ER-120 New
CARF Eurosport 2.0m ER-150  
CARF J-10 1.6m ER-150  
CARF Joker 1.6m ER-120  
CARF Rebel Classic 2M ER-150  
CARF Rebel Hot 1.5m ER-120  
CARF Rebel PRO 2.6m ER-200 New
CARF Rookie 1.7m ER-120  
CARF Spark 1.3m (contact us - requires a frame modification) ER-008 New
CARF Ultra Flash (contact us) ER-150 New
CARF Ultra Flash evo 1.8m ER-150  
CARF Viper MK II 2.5m ER-150  
CMODELS L-39 1.7m (contact us) ER-150 New
CMODELS MB-339 2.0m (contact us) ER-150 New
CUSTOM WINGS L-39 Albatros 1/5.5 ER-120  
CY Ventrix 1.99m ER-150 New
DRAGON RC Mirage 2000 1.23m (contact us) ER-120 New
DREAMWORKS Ventrix 1.99m ER-150 New
EFLITE Carbon Z T-28 1.98m ER-120  
ELITE AEROSPORTS (EA) HAVOC SS 2.16m (contact us) tbc  
ELITE AEROSPORTS (EA) Viper Sport 1.97m ER-120 New
Falcon (Stanard) 120 1.6m ER-120 New
FLY EAGLE F-16 1:5 (contact us) ER-280 New
FLY MODEL Navy Cat 1.6m (contact us) ER-120 New
FlyFly Airbus A310 ER-120  
FMS T-28 1.98m ER-120  
GJC (Global Jet Club) T-33 2.0m ER-120  
GJC (Global Jet Club) Hawk 2.2m ER-150 New
GJC (Global Jet Club) L-39 1.45m (contact us) ER-008 New
GJC (Global Jet Club) Viper 2.3m ER-150 New
GJC (Global Jet Club) Viper 2.8m (contact us) ER-200 New
HANGAR 9 KI-43 Oscar 2.24m ER-200 New
HARLOCK Viper 90mm 1.4m ER-008  
HONGXIANG Hawk 2.2m ER-150  
HSD Jets Viper 90mm 1.4m ER-008  
HSD Jets Super Viper 105mm 1.5m (contact us) ER-008  
HSD ME-262 1.89m (contact us) ER-010 New
HSD T-33 2.0m (contact us) ER-010 New
JET LEGEND F-16 1:5 (contact us) ER-280 New
JET TENG L-39 Albatros 90mm (contact us) ER-120 New
JET TENG T-45 90mm (contact us) ER-120 New
JET TENG Viper 90mm (contact us) ER-120 New
JET TENG XXX Albatros 90mm (contact us) ER-120 New
JMB Felix Sport jet 2.2m ER-150  
JMB JR Felix 1.75m ER-120  
JMB MB-339 1.79m ER-120  
JMB Pilatus PC-21 2.4m ER-150  
JMB Viper 2.3m ER-150 New
JMB Boeing TX/T7-A 1:7 1.34m ER-150  
JSM Xcalibur Ripmax 1.85m ER-120  
JSM Xcalibur Plus Ripmax 2.33m ER-150  
JMT L-39 Albatros 1.36m (contact us) ER-120 New
JMT L-39 Albatros 3.3m ER-200  
JTM Viper Jet 1.7m ER-120  
JTM xXx Sport 1.7m ER-120  
JUNIAER A-29 Super Tucano 2.8m ER-200 New
JUNIAER T27 Tucano 20cc ER-120  
JUNIAER T27 Tucano 50cc ER-150  
KRILL Mini Ares ER-005  
KRILL Ares L 2.2m ER-120  
KRILL Ares XL 2.7m ER-200  
KRILL Avanti S FC 2.1m ER-120  
MBA Tornado 1.6m (contact us) ER-120 New
MIRCE MODELS F-86 1/5.3 2.1m ER-150  
MODELTECHNICK Concorde 1.45m ER-150  
NORBER RAUCH Douglas DC-8 (contact us) ER-150 New
PHOENIX MODEL Sea Hawk 1.6m ER-120  
PHOENIX MODEL BAE Hawk 1.75m ER-120  
PHOENIX MODEL PC-21  Pilatus Mk2 1.77m (contact us) ER-120  
PHOENIX MODEL T-27 Tucano 30-35cc 2.0m (contact us) ER-120 New
RENE LEMPEREUR Rafale 1.81m ER-120  
ROBAN A-10 2.06m ER-150  
SEAGULL Fock Wulf 190 2.0m (contact us) ER-120 New
SEBART Mini Avanti S 1.36m ER-005  
SEBART Mini BAE Hawk T1 1.42m ER-005  
SEBART Mini Albatros L-39 1.21m ER-005  
SEBART Min MB-339 1.38m ER-005  
SEBART Avanti XS 1.9m ER-120  
SEBART Avanti S 2.0m ER-150  
SEBART Avanti S SC ER-150  
SEBART Jet L 2.2m ER-120 New
SEBART Jet XL 2.7m ER-200 New
SEBART MB-339 XS 1.9m ER-120  
SEBART PC-21 50E 1.66m ER-005 New
SEBART PC-21 XL 2.1m ER-150  
SEBART SF-260 50E 1.68m ER-005 New
SKYMASTER Avanti XXL 2.48m (contact us) ER-200 New
SKYMASTER Dragon 2.0m (contact us) ER-150 New
SKYMASTER F-15 1:9.5 1.42m ER-150  
SKYMASTER F-16 1:6.75 (contactez-nous) ER-200 New
SKYMASTER Viper Jet 1.76m (contact us) ER-120 Soon
SKYMASTER Viper Jet 2.18m (contact us) ER-120 New
SKYMASTER Viper Jet 2.6m ER-200  
TAFT HOBBY Futura 1.4m ER-010  
TAMJETS A-4 Skyhawk 1.19m ER-120  
TOMAHAWK Futura 2.5m (contact us) ER-200 New
TOMAHAWK Victory (contact us) ER-200 New
TOMAHAWK Viper 2.0 ER-150 New
TOMAHAWK Viper XXL (contact us) ER-200 New
TOMJET Interceptor90 1.33m ER-005 New
TOMJET Squall 110 1.28m ER-120 New
T-ONE Mini Hawk 1.60m ER-120 New
T-ONE Eurofighter 1:7 1.52m ER-150  
T-ONE F-16 1:8 1.2m ER-120  
T-ONE Hawk T1 1.88m (contact us) ER-120  
T-ONE Hawk 100 1.95m (contact us) ER-200  
T-ONE Micro T1 1.34m (contact us) ER-005  
T-ONE Mini T1 1.48m ER-120  
T-ONE T1 Fortune 1.92m ER-150  
T-ONE T3 2.62m ER-200  
TOP FLITE P-40 2.18m (contact us) ER-150 New
TOP RC F-16 1:6 ER-200  
TOP RC F-9F Cougar 1.56m ER-120  
TOP RC Intro-Jet Trainer 2.16m ER-150  
TOP RC Odyssey 2.2m ER-150  
TOP RC Voyager 3.25m ER-200  
VASA MODEL Scuderia ER-120 New
VQ Beechcraft Bonanza 1.56 ER-008 New
VQ Model Pilatus PC-7 ER-120 New
X-TREME Vixen 2.6m ER-150  
GENERIC ER-005 single nose wheel (jet) ER-005  
GENERIC ER-005 double nose wheel (jet) ER-005  
GENERIQUE ER-005 bicycle (warbirds) ER-005 New
GENERIC ER-010 single nose wheel (jet) ER-010  
GENERIC ER-010 double nose wheel (jet) ER-010  
GENERIC ER-120 single nose wheel (jet) ER-120  
GENERIC ER-120 double nose wheel (jet) ER-120  
GENERIC ER-150 single nose wheel (jet) ER-150  
GENERIC Airliner Airbus A-310-320 or similar ER-120  
GENERIQUE Avro Vulcan (contact us) ER-150  
GENERIQUE Boeing TX/T7-A 1:7 1.34m or similar ER-150  
GENERIC F-16 1:8 or similar ER-120  
GENERIC F-16 1:6 or similar ER-200  
GENERIC F-16 1:5 or similar ER-280  
GENERIC F4-U Corsair or similar ER-150  
GENERIQUE F4-U Corsair Scale (contact us) ER-150  
GENERIQUE F-86 Sabre 1/5 (contact us) ER-150 New
GENERIQUE Mirage 2000 1.25m (contactez-nous) ER-150  
GENERIC P-47 or similar ER-150  
GENERIC PC-7 Pilatus 2.4m (contact us) ER-150  
GENERIC T-28 Trojan 2.2m ER-150  
Contact us if your plane is not listed    
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