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SebArt Blanik 50E V2 + JP Hobby 90mm 6S PNP (Silver/Blue)


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Combo with JP Hobby 90mm full metal EDF with 6s 1750kv motor and ESC - Sebart Stronger, more aerobatic and with new color scheme (silver/blue).


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Data sheet

Wingspan (mm):3320mm / 130.7in
Length (mm):1700mm / 66.9in
Weight (gr):3.3kg / 7.27lb (without battery)
Flying weight (gr)approx. 5.0kg / 11lb
Wing Surface Area:1247.7 sq in / 80.5 sq dm
Wing Loading:2.1lb/sq in / 62g/sq dm
CG (Center of Gravity)Check manual
Direction of Rotation (EDF Rotor)Classic Counter Clock Wize (CCW)
EDF Diameter Class (mm):90
Turbine shroudMetal
EDF RotorMetal
Turns/min/Volt (Kv):1750 Kv
Motor Type:Out-Runner
Electronic Speed Control150A HV + Ubec 5A
Battery Cells:6s - 22.2v
Battery Capacity (mAh)5000-5.800 mAh
SurfacesAilerons, Rudder, Elevator, Flaps
Landing GearFixed landing gear
MaterialFiberglass, Oracover wings coverage, Wood
Build time16 hours
Required Radio6 channels minimum
Recommended pilot skill levelIntermediate, Advanced

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SebArt Blanik 50E V2 + JP Hobby 90mm 6S PNP (Silver/Blue)

Combo with JP Hobby 90mm full metal EDF with 6s 1750kv moto, 150A HV ESC and 5A Ubec.

Sebart Stronger, more aerobatic and with new color scheme (silver/blue).

According to its design, this model can not be powered by a more powerful combo as recommended by the Manufacturer, such as a JPHobby 90mm 6S EDF.


  • Scale cockpit (pilot no included)
  • Scale functions: flap and tow release system
  • Painted fiberglass fuselage
  • Wings and stabilizers in balsa covered with Oracover 

Technical specifications

  • Wing Span: 3320mm / 130.7in
  • Length: 1700mm / 66.9in
  • Wing surface: 1247.7 sq in / 80.5 sq dm
  • Wing loading: 2.1lb/sq in / 62g/sq dm
  • Weight: 3.3kg / 7.27lb (without battery)
  • Flying weight: approx. 5.0kg / 11lb


  • SebArt Blanik 50E V2
  • JP Hobby 90mm full metal EDF + 6S motor 1750kv
  • 150A ESC
  • 5A UBEC
  • Manual in English


  • Minimum 6 channels radio and receiver
  • 7x sub micro servos 17g (1x rudder, 2x elevator, 2x ailerons, 2x flaps)
  • 1x standard servo (tow release system)
  • 5000-5800 mAh 35-50c Lipo Battery 6 cells
  • Lipo Battery Charger 6 cells
  • Estimated build time is 16 hours

EDF Ducted Fan JP Hobby 90mm + 6s Motor 1750Kv

100% CNC aluminium JP Hobby EDF unit (shroud and rotor) for 6s.


  • The V2 version offers an exceptionnal reduced gap of 0.25mm between each blade edge and the EDF shroud for more efficiency.
  • Jingpin Hobby uses High grade aluminium alloy material for highest rigid structure and lightest weight.
  • The shroud acts as a heat sink, removing heat from the motor. This design creates a more efficiently running motor and will provide peak performance while extending the lifespan of the motor.
  • The highly rigid structure design is capable of running up to 88,000 RPM to produce extremely high efflux velocity for maximum speed and efficiency.
  • Anti Blade flying out design,the Blades be safety kept in the shroud and without damage.It is the best replacement for your plastic or carbon shroud if you want to have a safety EDF fan.
  • Each metal blade is precisely made of High Grade Aluminum alloy to generate jet airflow. Every blade has been tested for 8 hours of metal fatigue test as well as in the dynamic balance machine for calibration, making it bring a better and safer user experience for every RC fan.
  • You could assemble our EDF system with any other motor without losing dynamic balance effect.

The motor and fan unit comes assembled and balanced from the factory.

Note: For a better motor heat dissipation, the manufacturer does not recommend the usage of the motor cone cover wiht the most powerful setups. If you decide to use it, please always make sure to check the motor temperature is not excessive after the first flights.


About the above measures : they have been read on the test bench with the intake lip on the unit. The measures have been made using a bench stabilized power source. Results may changed depening upon your equipment and situation.

 Description / LiPo   6s (22.2v)  6s (24.0v)   6s (25.2v)  
 Thrust:3.57 kg  4.01 kg 4.32 kg
 Current:103 A117 A126 A
 Power:2286 W2808 W3175 W
 Recommended ESC:  120 A / LV 150 A / LV 150 A / LV 
 Recommended battery:  3500mAh 40C   3500mAh 40C  3500mAh 40C 
The controller should be chosen 20% over rated due to the long lasting load.
LV = low voltage controler up to 6s, HV = high voltage controler above 6s.
Battery should be chosen about 15/ - 1/20 of the max current for 4-3 minutes WOT. 30-40 C is appropriate.
Operating the motor outside of the specifications listed above can either damage the motor, battery or esc. It is important that these components are set up properly. Failure to do so can void the warranty. It is strongly encouraged to use a Watt Meter to test the watt and amp performance when setting up a new system. If the output is above the factory recommended specs, then it needs to be adjusted by the esc. The timing and throttle settings on the esc can help to set the appropriate levels.


  • Special high grade aluminum quality
  • Motor Kv: 1750
  • Motor type: JP 4250-Ⅵ-1750kv (5mm axe) 12 poles (outrunner)
  • Rotor: 90mm 12 blades aluminium
  • External diameter: 94.5mm
  • Internal diameter: 90.5mm
  • Ejection diameter: nc
  • Combo max thrust: 4.32kg
  • Weight: 459g (combo EDF + lip + motor )
  • Max efficiency: 90 %
  • Recommended max. rotation speed: 75,600 RPM
  • Speed Control Advanced Timing Setting: 15°
  • Connections: Banana / PK 5mm (in place)


  • 1x JP Hobby 6s 90mm full metal EDF unit


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SebArt Blanik 50E V2 + JP Hobby 90mm 6S PNP (Silver/Blue)

SebArt Blanik 50E V2 + JP Hobby 90mm 6S PNP (Silver/Blue)

Combo with JP Hobby 90mm full metal EDF with 6s 1750kv motor and ESC - Sebart Stronger, more aerobatic and with new color scheme (silver/blue).


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  • $270.44 Available on order

    Reference: JPH-EDF90-6S-CCW

    1 x
    Review(s): 1

    Combo 90mm / 12 pales / 1750Kv (outrunner) / 6S / 459g> 6S (22.2V) : 103A / 3.57kg / 2286W> 6S (24.0V) : 117A / 4.01kg / 2808W> 6S (25.2V) : 126A / 4.32kg / 3175W

    Available on order
  • $169.90 Available on order

    Reference: JPH-ESC-150

    1 x
    Review(s): 2

    The JP Hobby 150 Amp Brushless Electronic Speed Controller is using a firmware specificaly designated to be used with JP Hobby pole counts motors. A High Power 12S capable system for RC Airplanes and Helicopters.

    Available on order
  • $682.63 Preorder

    Reference: SEB-BL50V2-SB

    1 x
    Review(s): 0

    Sebart Stronger, more aerobatic and with new color scheme (silver/blue). Possible use it as glider only, glider with EDF 6S or glider with turbine P20 class..



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