JP Hobby ER-150 Tricycle Full Set with Brakes (Juniaer T27 Tucano 45) + Controller


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Electric Retract ER-150 (Juniaer T27 Tucano turboprop 45)
> Model Weight: until 20kg
> Struts diameter: 18mm
> Mounting diameter: 15mm
> Angle: 2x 85 degrees + 1x 100 degrees
> Rotation direction: 3x Inside (jack side) 
> Mounting: 3x Low
> Wheels: 2x 95mm (with brakes) + 1x 82.5mm

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Data sheet

Serial JP Hobby ER-150 (20kg)
Mounting diameter (mm): 15
Strut(s) Diameter(s) (mm): 18
Wheel(s) axle(s) diameter(s) (mm) 8
Weight (gr): 1526 gr
Max weight Up to 20kg
Rotation angle 85°, 100°
Rotation direction Inside (jack side)
Working voltage (Volts): 7.4 to 8.4v (2s LiPo)
Connection: JP Hobby JST type plug (+/-) for JP Hobby retracts
Material Aluminium, Rubber
Mounting Low

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JP Hobby ER-150 Tricycle Full set with Brakes and Controller for Juniaer T27 Tucano turboprop 45 model

CNC Machined aluminium articulated and mechanical suspended « scale » electric landing complete gear set including 1x 82.5mm and 2x 95mm wheels with brakes system and 3 retracts with a JP Hobby V1 version controller retract box which includes an electrical magnetic controller. Main gear and single nose gear. For planes up to 20kg.

Nota: The main gear of the Juniaer T-27 Tucano Turboprop 45 is fitted with legs that are 15mm longer and the nose gear with legs 20mm longer than the Juniaer T-27 Tucano 50cc V2.


  • Materials: Aluminium
  • Suspension: mechanical
  • Wheels: ball bearings mounted
  • For planes up to 20kg
  • Linkage for Outward/Return cable control (steel cable not included)

Technical Specifications

  • Struts diameter: 18mm
  • Mounting Struts diameter: 15mm
  • Main gear wheels diameter: 95mm
  • Nose gear wheel diameter: 82.5mm
  • Wheels axle diameter: 8mm
  • Weight: 1526gr (for the complete set including the 3 struts, 3 retracts, wheels and the controller)
  • Dimensions: for detailed dimensions, please refer to the pictures
  • Working voltage: 7.4-8.4V (2S LiPo)
  • Brakes working voltage: 7.2-30V


  • 2x Scale metal struts for main landing gear equiped with 95mm wheels & brakes system
  • 1x Scale metal strut for nose gear equiped with 82.5mm wheel and linkage
  • 2x Electric Retracts JP Hobby ER-150 15mm 85° (20kg/Low/Inside)
  • 1x Electric Nose Retract JP Hobby ER-150 15mm 100° (20kg/Low/Inside)
  • 1x JP Hobby ER-150 version 1 All Integrated controller retract box (doors opened when the gear is down


  • 2 cells battery
Note: JP Hobby landing gear, like most landing gear that are not delivered directly with the models, uses standard retracts, designed for the size and weight of the aircraft, but whose size brackets and the spacing of the holes in the brackets may vary. JP Hobby manufactures a number of retracts in different sizes but cannot offer a specific model for every make and model on the market. An adaptation of the mounting plate may be required.
Note: It is possible to order this product without the electromagnetic brake system. Plesase contact us.

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